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Just a few of the comments listed from those who have tried and used many of our prouducts...

I have been a professional painter in London for sixteen years, and for two of those years, I expanded my business to Calgary Alberta. That is where I first saw the tool, and although I was skeptical, I tried it on an office job that I had. It took about 15-20 minutes to adjust to using it, but I have to say it is quite impressive. I was able to cut in walls that were fifteen feet high (a stairwell) without getting on a ladder in less then ten minutes. I cut in an entire hallway, complete with 13 doors and frames and rubber base, and the ceiling along t-bar in less then twenty minutes, and that was two coats! Over baseboards it is quick and accurate and even if a groove exists and it can't reach underneath that groove, it is excellent for second coats once the line has been drawn, and an entire room can be cut in minutes.  When selling it to homeowners, I recommend that they watch the video first, and practice for a few minutes. It does have some limitations, such as stucco ceilings, but around frames, windows, base, etc it is an excellent tool. I hate gimmicks as anyone who knows me will tell you, but I fully endorse this product It saves time and is well worth the small price tag it carries. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.--------------------------------------Keep up the good work,------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dave, The Wooden Ladder Paint Co. Ltd

~Dave Wooden, The Wooden Ladder Paint Co. Ltd.

After painstakingly taping off a number of rooms in our house so that we could paint the walls a different color than the ceiling, we came to our living room with its 22-foot ceiling height. We painted one wall the traditional way, by taping the ceiling and windows off. It was a slow and scary process involving a heavy extension ladder. But we still wanted to complete the project ourselves. So, we tried a number of roller tools. None worked well. The moment you got paint on the tiny wheels, your line was ruined. After seeing the videos and testimonials on line for this roller tool, we ordered it. And I must say, this is the best tool I've ever used. I wish I'd had it for the previous four rooms we painted, because we would have saved tons of time. But for the tall ceilings in particular, the ability to change the angle on the roller tool meant I could get on a shorter, more stable a-frame ladder, and with an extension pole, paint the walls all the way up to the ceiling with a beautiful line at the top of the wall. No paint on the ceiling. This tool is going to save us a ton of time, plus make our painting jobs much safer. Great product and great customer service too!

~Ann De Vries, Homeowner

Craig Lowe Painting-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------           "The premier painter to Holmes on Homes"      

An Amazing Tool!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------First of all one of my guys Simon who is 6'7" loves the tool he can quickly walk around the room without a ladder and have the the ceiling cuts done in about five minutes. As a result we have started utilizing this tool for first coats. We give it to the guys whose brush skills are not fully developed and have them cut in rooms for the painters. So right away we have eliminated brush work for a painter. I love this because now a $16/hr painter is cutting in a room and saving the labor of a $25/hr painter. I will give a junior painter the paint codes and have him cut in the entire house on the first coat. We cut in by brush on the second coat to tighten up the line as depending on the drywall and or texture line, the tool may not get right to the ceiling. It definitely eliminates one brush cut for sure. Another very strong aspect of the tool is for cutting in skylights and over stairwells. A painter only has to use this once in these areas and will be sold on the product. I also found it worked great with light colors on new construction projects as you don't really have to cut in with a brush on second coat because you can't see the line of demarcation. Great production tool in new Construction! We have used the Paint Shield Systemy on Holmes Inspections a few times for all of the aspects I have just talked about. I'm sure there are many more uses for the product and will let you know as I discover them. I believe painters will enjoy the product if they are willing to try it, homeowners without a doubt. At least for me, I have found the advantage for my company. I am always looking for products that save money, make money and save precarious ladder work !

~Craig Lowe, Craig Lowe Painting

A Fun Paint Job

We are just about to start painting the lower floor or our house and desperately need to get some more of those Paint Shield edging sleeves. They are the best cut-in tool we have ever used and made painting our main floor 1,900 sq. ft. with a ton of windows a breeze.


No more taping and you just cut right to the edge of baseboards and windows. We're using different colors and this edging tool allowed us to keep a steady hand so we didn't even get any paint on our white ceiling, bonus! smiley

My husband and I actually found painting "fun" he edged and I came along right behind him rolling. Fast, efficient and easy. Best tool ever,  enlightened thanks Coast to Coast, every home owner should have one of these!

Judy & Pat Hughes

~Judy & Pat Hughes

The Irvine Company is California's largest, most prestigious and diversified real estate property management company. With nearly 95 million sq. ft. that include high-end apartments, condominiums, resort properties, shopping centers, yacht marinas and commercial properties, the companies maintenance practices are vital to making sure their properties are always in peak condition. Until they began using the Paint Shield System, the company had to sub-contract a portion of its painting work in order to keep pace with property turnovers and maintain the high quality standards the company demands. Maintenance Training Manager Jorge Ortiz plays a leading role in training their 800+ maintenance personnel, and provides the following testimonial as a result of adopting the Paint Shield System company-wide.

July 29, 2011, Irvine Company------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Jorge Ortiz, Maintenance Training Manager----------------------------------------------------------------------------Coast To Coast Direct, Mike Naef                                                                                                                                                                                                             Mike, I am pleased to tell you that we are so impressed with the Paint Shield System, we are making it a mandatory tool to use when re-painting and maintaining all our properties As you are aware, I am not a painter by trade, and consider myself an average DIY painter. So I was completely amazed when I realized I could paint like a pro using the adjustable applicator and the system's Paint Shield Sleeves when I personally completed a color change at our training facility. I was able to cut in to the T bar ceiling from the floor with an extension pole, and completed the entire job in half the time. I didn't need to use a ladder and the brush work was at a minimum. The ability of this sleeve to cut in next to ceiling or trim with a 15,000 tolerance is truly amazing and produces the high quality work we look for. In addition, with the tremendous reduction in precarious ladder work, the ease with which the tool can be learned and used, and the additional efficiencies we anticipate, we expect to realize a 50 - 60% savings in labor.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 With the cost savings on our maintenance turns, the quality of the finished product and the reduced exposure to ladder risks, I want to thank you for introducing the Paint Shield System to the Irvine company.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sincerely,---------------------------------------------------------------J.Ortiz                                                                                                                                                                        Maintenance Training Manager

~Jorge Ortiz, Irvine Company

Wish I had this roller cut in pad before I started this last job. Before they came in I spent 4 days cutting in a house. After getting this roller pad it took 1hr to cut in the master bed 15x20 room twice. Love this tool, makes painting well worth the cheap cost. Thanks

~James Dayton, James Dayton Handyman Services LLC

 I am 47 years old. I apprenticed under a Master Painter from Germany. I have my Provincial and Inter-Provincial and Decorator Tickets. I have been painting for 30 years, how time flies! By now I think I have seen or tried just about every tool that claimed to be the new way to go in painting. The Paint Shield System™ is the first that has really fulfilled the need to cut time and effort on the job. This system has easily taken an 8-10 hour day down to a 3-5 hour day. In some cases cutting the job time by in excess of 50-60%. It has in most cases eliminated the need for cutting in the second finish coat. Even with the most demanding colors the second cut-in is not required. In fact it actually produces a superior job than cutting in with a brush. The ability to finish tall walls without a ladder and many other difficult areas such as curved and spiral stairwells, which to reach with a ladder was sometimes difficult, if not impossible and often required scaffolding can now be done with the Paint Shield System™ from the floor or stairs. Most recently I completed a same color freshen up maintenance paint job on a 3 bedroom apartment. I was amazed when I completed the job in less than 4 hours. Typically I would have been the better part of two days to complete this type of project. A huge financial gain. Thanks for the great tools and system.-------------------------------------------------  -- -Professional Painter- Dennis J. Wilde

~Dennis J. Wilde, Dennis J. Wilde Painting and Deco

"Besides the time-saving and associated financial gain, I am also able to deliver a better quality paint job....My favorite comment to people who watch me work with this tool, is that it is 'MY LOW-COST EMPLOYEE'. Its like having another employee on the job. FREE!" Ray Bartley

~Ray Bartley, Razor Painting

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